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Mary Rockwood Lane, PhD, RN, FAAN, is the co-founder and director emeritus of Shands Arts in Medicine program at University of Florida (UF), Gainesville, where she created the first artist-in-residence program of its type in the United States. At a time when art was not integrated in health care, Mary became inspired by her own experience of healing herself through art and created a program which incorporates art, music, poetry, theater, and dance into the medical profession. She directed the nationally-recognized Arts in Medicine program for over 15 years. Since moving on, she has worked tirelessly to promote this vision for a more creative and transformative nursing practice.

Mary is now an Associate Professor of at College of Nursing, UF where she teaches Creativity and Spirituality in Healthcare. She is core faculty within the Center of Spirituality in Health. Mary’s dissertation at UF was a phenomenological hermeneutic study researching the lived experience of art and healing and was the first advanced degree of its type in the medical field. She has written many articles in nursing and medical journals and is a recognized leader in the field. She lectures and teaches workshops worldwide and helps medical centers and artists set up art and healing programs.

Mary is currently developing an inter-disciplinary end of life program at UF that is being integrated in several colleges at the Health Science Center. She is the co-author of four books—Creative Healing, Spirit Body Healing, Path of the Feather, Shaman Healing, Shaman Wisdom (nominated one of the finalists in the health/healing category in the prestigious Nautilus Awards)—and is currently working on Caritas Path to Peace. Mary also founded and directed the Art and Healing Master’s Program at Wisdom University with Dr. Michael Samuels.

Mary is an Associate Faculty of the Watson Caring Science Institute in the Caritas Coach Education program and is an international presenter on their Speaker's Bureau. She is passionate about bringing heart-centered practices to Light, honoring the Divine Feminine and is a strong activist for creating healing environments within health care. Mary devotes her time and energy to expanding Caring Science and making a difference in the world. She lives in Gainesville, Florida and has three children.