Bee Priestess

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My spiritual journey blossomed in 1997 when I visited the beautiful Island of Delos in Greece, home to many ancient temples. I immediately felt connected to the practices of the ancient ones during my stay there. I learned that it was the women, the priestesses that used to take care of the bee hives. Their bees provided them with abundant honey for medicine and elixirs. Once, I had an incredible vision of being a priestess who was bringing the light. I decided that I wanted to bring this lost memory of ourselves into our contemporary lives.

The priestess is a woman who lives her life in service and is dedicated to making a contribution to the world. Every woman today is a manifestation of Her on earth. My goal is to encourage women to return to the divine feminine that resides within them. We need to honor each other as priestesses and the work that we are doing as our sacred work. As we reclaim these ancient ways of knowing, we are reclaiming our power and ability to be in wisdom and grace.

Our life is our offering: the children we raise, the careers, the books we write, our personal stories. You could be a frame drummer, a midwife who changes state laws, a mother who makes a difference in her child’s life, a yoga teacher, a writer who inspires, or a doctor who gives hope to her patients. Regardless of the occupation, we are all making a difference one person at a time. This is our sacred work.

I finally became priestess to my own bee hives in 2008. The bees completely changed my life. I felt them vibrate at the same frequency as love and I noticed how they worked in harmony to keep the hive going. They became my teachers. Bees are the ancient oracle teaching all of us to balance our lives, change our ways and heal ourselves and the earth. 

We begin by...
REVEALING the Mysteries through research, playing the framedrum, practicing yoga, meditation, chi kung, and other spiritual pathways, which takes us into the internal process of
REMEMBERING. As our inner awareness begins to pull together we work at
RECLAIMING these ancient modes of beeing and knowing.
Then the work of
RESTORATION begins, bringing forth a deep blessing of reverence, to
REVERE followed by the inner joy and celebration, to
REJOICE! This brings us to the portal of the inner door and the interior mysteries which will lead us through the labyrinth and into the
REBIRTH of our ancient future.

THE PATH:  Reveal, Remember, Restore, Reclaim, Revere, Rejoice, Rebirth