Art and Healing Clinical Research

Comprehensive program in art and healing clincal program, research, and education

My  research goal  is to develop and create interdisciplinary teams made up of  professional researchers,  physicians, artists, and myself.  My  research plan  is to  develop a major integrated research study in art and healing.  I will also connect with research at other sites on a national scale. Quantitative and qualitative methodology will be used to measure the experience and effect of how art and healing can be integrated into healthcare. The intention is to explore the possibilities in transforming patient environments based on research findings and to expand the practice of art and healing at the bedside.  
Specific aims:
Develop assessment tools to study how artistic activities and aesthetic environments affect and impact on patients quality of life.
Create a major environmental art installation on the bone marrow transplant ward to study how quality life is affected by the lived experience art
Evaluate and access patients experience of photographic imagery and artwork in the  patients environment with the Touch of reality photographic project
 Conduct  a phenomenological hermeneutic study on the lived experience of the caregivers creative  process with the goal of  implementing art at the bedside to improve patient care.
Qualitative and quantitative methodologies is used to examine how making art at the bedside affects quality of life. I am studing the artist in residence programs effect on patient quality of life. I  am interviewing healers about how they use creativity in practice, how they use mystical tools, intuitive ways of seeing. I am investigating how the creative artistic intuitive tools are used in clinical  practice and explore how the caregiver used creative artistic intuitive skills. Questionnaires and interviews are utilized for data collection.
Interdisciplinary team
Dr Peter Stacpoole, director of The Clinical Research Center,  University of Florida College of Medicine. A waiting room environment with photographic art would provide an environment to study the effect on patients in existing clinical research center protocols.  Dr. Stacpoole will provide clinical research center statistic and clinical resources to support this research.
Dr. John Wyngard in the adult bone marrow transplant unit will examine the impact of art on quality of life in a designated patient population. The research  will look at the impact of imagery and art on the walls with the  installation of a healing environment and patient controlled aesthetic environments on the patients experience of healing. The research question on the bone marrow transplant project is, How do environments in bone marrow transplant affect the patients quality of life experience? Entire environmental installations using the architect to design a  facility that is revolutionary in creating new environments that heal. Dr. Wyngard will to help me to develop assessment tools with Dr. Jim Rodrequez, a clinical psychologist
Dr. Allen Neims will work with me to study spirituality and health from an academic and clinical viewpoint with art and healing.
Carolyn Yucha, Ph.D., R.N., Associate Dean for Research at The College of Nursing will  work with me as in a proposed  adjunct faculty position at the college of nursing and to support this research program.  
All the research projects will develop a knowledge base on art and healing and how art and healing impacts into the body, mind, spirit approach to healthcare.
Currently, my position as co-director of Arts In Medicine,  University of Florida has three parts: clinical practice,  research, and education.
1. Clinical practice: Implementing art at the bedside as patient care.  As co-director of Arts In Medicine and director of their artist in residence program I work to develop the clinical practice of caregivers and artists to implement arts at the  bedside. The goal is to develop innovative ways to use arts within multi- clinical healthcare settings. Working with artists and professionals provides a model of implementing art in patient care as part of an interdisciplinary team.
2. Education, I am involved in teaching at The College of Nursing, writing books and journal articles, lecturing, develop curricula for courses.  
3. Research, I am developing  an integrated  research program in art and healing