Wisdom University Masters Program in Art and Healing 

Prayer, art, and healing, all come from the same source, the human soul. Art and Healing will free our inner healer by embracing the passionate, creative, artist in each one of us. It is about healing yourself, others, or the earth, by tapping into the creative energy that makes us and keeps us alive. 
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The Four Core Intensives in the Masters Program in art and healing
The Masters Program in Art and healing requires seven intensives. They can be taken from a choice of 10 intensives. Mary Rockwood Lane and Michael Samuel founded this program at Wisdom University.

Intensive one : 
Arts in healing, Introduction and overview of the field
Gainesville Florida
Description of Gainesville intensive
Uses lectures, slides, guided imagery, and art making in all media, ceremony and ritual
What is the field of art and healing? History Physiology Worldwide Programs in art and healing Using  writing, visual arts,  music, dance performance arts, ritual and ceremony to heal yourself, others, community and the earth. Spiritual healing with creativity Art to heal community, art as sacred activism Introduction to the project to heal yourself, others, community and the earth.
Intensive two:
The Greek Wisdom School of Art and Healing
Tinos Greece
This intensive explores the ancient  roots of art and healing and the artist healer as the re-emergence of the divine feminine on earth today. It immerses the participant in the mystery of life in the creative process. It involves a pilgrimage to the sacred site Tinos, Greece, an island in the Cyclades. Tinos is the sacred center of modern Greece and the historical sacred purification center for Delos in ancient Greece.
Lectures on how to use ceremony in art and healing, Greek roots of art and healing, spiritual rituals for art and healing It includes field trips to: Find healing serpent energy at Vijali’s beach carving Purification in an ancient site across from Delos Going into the darkness in an ancient cave Bringing in the light in Delos in Artimis’s cave The visit to the Greek Orthodox Church in Tinos, a healing shrine to the Blessed Mother Preparation for the Eleusis mystery ceremony
Intensive three:
Creativity and Spirituality as Sacred Activism: Program development and life change innovations. 
How to heal yourself with creativity and spirituality- using art to facilitate  peak spiritual experiences with the seven step Spirit Body Healing method.
How to set up an Arts In Medicine program in a hospital, an old age facility, a school, a community centers.
. How to use creativity in the community  and for ecosystems, creativity for political  innovation, healing the  earth as activism
This intensive is about actually implementing  programs and projects in real time with program examples, funding models  etc.
Intensive four :
Shaman wisdom: deeply exploring shamanic roots of art and healing and art as transformation
Exploring the ancient roots of art and healing in shaman ritual and ceremony. We will do a sweat lodge and Bear dance. We will work with shamanic ways of creating sacred space. Participants can do a Vision quest . this workshop will use deep Guided imagery and Prayer for healing along with making of shamanic art, dance and music. This is an in depth, lived experience of shamanic healing with art. Michael Samuels is a bear dancer with the Chumash tradition in California and has been trained by many shaman healers.

Special features in The Masters Program in Art and Healing

Individual mentoring
Mary Rockwood Lane and Michael Samuels coach and mentor students individual telephone conferences in long distance relationships and with in person in the intensives. Both are experienced in mentoring students, Mary Rockwood Lane mentors graduate students in University of Florida  in art and healing.
Visiting artist program.
The program would also offer  a visiting artist in residence program. Any  student could do immersion of a creative process in Tinos, Greece,  Shands Arts In Medicine in Gainesville Florida,  and in retreat centers that are project specific around the world. Opportunities to study in depth with other Wisdom University faculty such as Vijali would also be available.
Artist’s rounds
The education process would include creating an artist community which would provide a support group for students in the program. At each intensive, we would conduct national and international artist rounds. Artists would come together to gain new information and new insights  and share stores and experience of using art to heal themselves others and the earth. A website chat room and a blog will allow students to contact each other and the faculty during the year.
Sacred sites
Each intensive would be at a sacred site creating the opportunity for a pilgrimage. Ceremony and ritual would create sacred ground for initiation and transformation. Each intensive would create a community that harnesses the energy of the participants to empower them in becoming the leader and pioneers of the future.
Locations for intensives will be:

  • Shands Arts In Medicine Program, Gainesville, Florida and the sacred Ichetucknee River,  Florida
  • Tinos Greece, Purification and rebirth
  • Eleusis Greece, ancient Greek Mystery School, Frame drumming ceremony
  • Bolinas, California and the Commonweal conference center for Shamanism
  • Society of Arts in Healthcare conference Preconference
  • Alex Grey, New York City, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
  • Vijali, Brazil
The Present wisdom faculty in art and healing
On the present faculty are many wonderful art and healing figures, whose intensives fit perfectly into a program. These intensives will be presented with a specific  intentional orientation to art and healing.
Alex and Allyson Grey= intensive on visionary art
Gabriel Roth intensive on sacred dance
Vijali, sacred ceremony to use art for world peace and community healing in Brazil
Kaleo Ching  mask making
Petros Dellatolis, marble carver, Tinos, Greece.
Layne Redmond, frame drummer
Topics for art and healing intensives
We will offer 10 intensives, the participants will choose seven, specializing in healing themselves, others, neighborhood or the earth.
  • Arts in healthcare: overview of the field
  • Creativity and spirituality: Sacred activism and program development
  • Greek wisdom traditions in art and healing and the divine feminine
  • The Eleusis Mystery School, frame drumming
  • Poetry, Visual arts, Dance and Music for healing; either one at a time or all together.  Gabriel Roth, Alex and Alyson Grey, Vijali
  • Art as a way of caring: the caring encounter in the creative process
  • The feminine nature of the arts, cracking the patriarchy in healthcare
  • Spirit Body Healing, Art as a spiritual doorway to transformation. Our 7 step method to use creativity to promote peak spiritual experiences with patients, a spiritual healing technique course
  • Shaman wisdom: Using Native American ceremony, dance, vision quests, and prayer to heal- (Michael Samuels is a bear dancer with the Chumash to heal)
  • Guided imagery and the creative arts at End of life ( Mary Rockwood Lane is creating this course at University of Florida  College of Medicine , College of Nursing

Philosophy & Mission | Faculty & Students | Admissions | Contacts 
    The basic premise  of Wisdom University Masters Program in Art and Healing  is very simple. Each of us has deep within us an inner artist and an inner healer.  The inner artist is the part of us that is passionately creative, that is in love, that feels connected to everything around us, that can see, that knows who we are, that is at home, and that is at peace.   The inner healer is the part of you that balances your body perfectly and sets blood flow, immune system, killer T cells to be in harmony.  The inner healer  keeps you alive and growing and more importantly for you if you are ill, heals you.  It is the part of you that regulates the self healing mechanisms that cure infection, cancer and all illnesses.  The basic belief of this program is that the inner artist can free the inner healer to work at its optimum.  By releasing tension and fear, by opening the mind to passionate creativity, the forces that made us, the inner artist frees the inner healer to work perfectly.  This like a hero’s journey which will heal yourself, others, the community and the earth. It is the oldest healing known and is now being found to be the most advanced and futuristic.
    * Philosophy & Mission
    * Faculty & Students     * Admissions     * Contacts
For us, art and healing is a passion, art is a way of healing, a way of caring, and a way of knowing. How did we get here? Mary Rockwood Lane and Michael Samuels are pioneers and leaders in the new field of art and healing. Mary Rockwood Lane was co-founder of Shands Arts In Medicine, University of Florida  and founded their artist in residence program, Michael Samuels was co-founder of Art as a Healing Force, an organization that networked artist, healers and programs. They both teach Creativity, Spirituality and Healing in Universities on graduate and undergraduate levels but most important are passionate about art and healing in their lives.

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Mary Rockwood Lane
B..S.N., Nursing, University of Florida, 1977
M.S.N. Nursing, Boston College, 1981 Non degree, Harvard College Extension, Studio Art, 1979-1982 PhD. Nursing, University of Florida  1999

Mary Rockwood Lane was the co-founder and director emeritus of  Shands Arts in Medicine program at University of Florida, Gainesville. She founded and created the first artist in residence program of this type in the country.  She led and developed that program for over ten years. She is now an Associate Professor of Nursing at College of Nursing, University of Florida, where she teaches Creativity and Spirituality in Healthcare. She is core faculty with in the Center of Spirituality and Healthcare. She has written many articles on art and healing in peer reviewed journals and is a recognized leader in the field.  She lectures and teaches workshops on art and healing and spirituality in healthcare. She has been very involved in setting up art and healing programs in Florida and around the country.  Her research was a phenomenological hermeneutic study researching the lived experience of art and healing. She is currently developing an end of life program at University of Florida  that integrates spirituality and creativity as well as the arts.  She is co-author of Creative Healing, Spirit Body Healing, and The Path of the Feather, Shaman Wisdom- Shaman Healing, and Path to Peace.  Shaman Wisdom- Shaman Healing was nominated as one of the finalists in the health/healing category in the prestigious Nautilus Awards.  Currently, she is working on a book on Woman’s Heath and a film script on the divine feminine, .. She does divine feminine pilgrimages to Delphi, Delos and Tinos Greece each year and does workshops on the divine feminine in healthcare in her classes at University of Florida College of Nursing.  Mary is excited about expanding her work in spirituality and healthcare to co-direct the art and healing series at Wisdom University.
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Michael Samuels
Brown University, 1963
M.D., New York University College of Medicine, 1967
Michael Samuels, M.D .is the founder and director of Art As a Healing Force, a project started in 1990 devoted to healing yourself, others, the community and the earth with creativity and making art and healing one. He teaches Art and Healing at San Francisco State University, Institute of holistic Studies. He is a bear dancer with the Chumash People three times a year,  to heal people and the earth. He has used creativity, art, and guided imagery with patients with life threatening illness and life crises for over thirty years in private practice and in consultation.  He lectures and does workshops nationwide for physicians, nurses, artists, and patients on how to use creativity and spirituality in healing.  He has organized many nationwide conferences on creativity and healing and visited and participated in projects in hospitals where creativity, art and music are used with patients.  He has networked people in the field together and is a recognized leader in art and healing.  He is currently working on a book on Woman’ Health, and a film script on the divine feminine, ..  He is a sculptor and marble carver.  He is the author of twenty one books including the best selling Well Body Book, Well Baby Book, Well Pregnancy Book, and the guided imagery classic  Seeing With the Mind’s Eye. He is co-author with Mary Rockwood Lane of Creative Healing, Spirit Body Healing, The Path of the Feather, Shaman Wisdom- Shaman Healing, and The Path to Peace. Michael  is delighted to be co-directing the art and healing series at Wisdom University with Mary Rockwood Lane.
Prayer, art, and healing, all come from the same source, the human soul. The Wisdom University Masters Program in Art and Healing will free our inner healer by embracing the passionate, creative, artist in each one of us. It is a program about healing yourself, others, or the earth, by tapping into the creative energy that makes us and keeps us alive.
Art and healing is a new medically proven technique that strengthens body, mind, spirit. This Wisdom University Intensives Series in Art and Healing is not only about healing;. it is also an ecumenical spiritual path. A basic philosophy of the program is that everyone is an artist and everyone can become an artist healer. It is a way of being that is deeply personal  and transformative. This program is a journey to free the healer within. It is not about being a certain kind of artist,  it is about being the most creative person you can be. It not about one spiritual path, it is about luminosity. It about honoring yourself and waking up your creative spirit.
This Wisdom University Masters Program in Art and Healing aspires to be a model of excellence recognized internationally as an innovative educational experience. It is a dynamic program with creative approaches to art and healing. It is based on a holistic philosophy and the belief that everyone is an artist and the artist is a healer. It is based on the belief that the wisdom traditions can inform an new wave of art as healing force in the world today. It is based on a pedagogy of healing yourself, others, and the earth, and the philosophy that there is a deep connection between the human and nature itself. The intention to utilize art as a way of healing is a major tenant.  Life transformation and following your passion is a focus of this program, based on the belief that each and every one of us can become deeply connected to our dreams and be connected to our passion. We also believe that the divine manifests in beauty and in art and healing. We believe art is a doorway for spiritual wakening and renewal. We believe that by getting in touch with our deepest passions and inner world we can transform our experience with transcendence and connect with healing energy.
This Wisdom University Masters Program in Art and Healing is the first program to concentrate on how to use creativity and spirituality to heal yourself, others, the community, and the earth without psychological diagnostic labels or a specific psychological therapeutic technique. In this way is different from programs in art therapy or expressive arts. It is about using creativity, spirituality and healing in the broadest sense, utilizing creativity itself to facilitate spiritual experience and heal. The person becomes the healer and the community and earth are healed.
Created by pioneers and leaders in the field of art and healing , this program is content rich and life changing, it is a tool for personal and cultural healing, growth and change. We invite anyone interested in art and healing as a life changing practice, a career change opportunity or an opportunity to expand your current professional role. We invite anyone:  caregivers, healers, and artists who realize that creativity is transformative for themselves, others, and the culture.  The Wisdom University Intensives Series in Art and Healing is a national and international program in which we will develop the pioneers for the leadership of this new and emerging field.  
The educational program
The education program is based on aesthetics and wisdom traditions. The educational pedagogy utilizes lectures, slides, PowerPoint, film, studio art making, guided imagery, ceremony, and pilgrimages to facilitate inner life changing transformation. Our intention for the program is to have it deeply integrated into the participants life work and journey of self discovery. This is academics for profound life change. The art and healing  program is designed to develop new set of skills that enables participants to implement art as  way of healing, a way of caring and a way of knowing  into their own life work.  It is our premise that this program facilitates the new profession of art and healing in both traditional and non traditional roles. The goal is to make the program’s quality so high, that participants will be able to create, lead or work in art and healing programs worldwide. We believe that nurses, physicians, psychologists,, social workers and professional healthcare could transform healthcare by integrating art, spirituality and wisdom traditions into their careers. We also believe that artists can transform art and integrate art into many settings that would be transformative to our culture- education, politics, healthcare, social change. In addition, we know that art is a profound way of personal change and healing, using visual arts, music, dance and the word, heals body, mind and spirit in a deep enduring way and transforms your life.
Cultural Phenomenon
Art and healing is a new cultural phenomenon that will help transform the future. The participants of this program will become the change agents and pioneers for extraordinary social change that we are just glimpsing. It is exciting to be involved in helping create the world of the future by developing innovative art and healing leaders. Art and healing as activism and community change would be a major focus of this program. Michael Samuels, M.D.,  and Mary Rockwood Lane, R.N.,  PhD., are leaders in art and healing.  They have taught program directors, and have helped establish major programs in art and healing. Mary Rockwood Lane was co-founder of one the largest art and healing programs in the United States, Shands Arts In Medicine and helped seed programs across Florida. The book Creative Healing is in Spanish and has helped seed programs worldwide.  Our websites are :
www.artashealing.org www.pathofthefeather.org www.michaelsamuels.com www.maryrockwoodlane.com
Research and Travel: The thesis and Greek Wisdom School.
The Thesis
 The thesis is an in depth project to use writing, visual arts, music, dance, ritual, ceremony, or performance art, to heal yourself, others, your community or the earth. This is an actual project and/or  research project to create change in the participants own life and community. The projects are a lived experience in profound life change and community work. Students of Michael Samuels and Mary Rockwood Lane have set up hospital art programs, put art in pediatric units, made healing gardens, healed lifelong illnesses, healed family members, cleaned up rivers and environments, death with grief, healed parents and children of illnesses and grief and changed their lives, other’s lives, and the community. .Both of us have mentored graduate students in our classes and with  the projects successfully for years. The thesis is an oral presentation of the project and a written paper with a literature review.

The Greek Healing Arts Center
We have healing arts center in Tinos Greece which is become the home base-of the program. Tinos is believed to be  in a vortex of healing energy in Greece. It has been the healing island throughout history from prehelenic times to the present. Having a center in Tinos harnesses the energy of ancient civilizations and uses powerful earth energy. Each student in the program will have the opportunity to pilgrimage to this center and the possibility of working in depth in Tinos in carving marble, theatre, or art making.
In Greece, there is a community of artists we will tap into as resource- both in Athens and in the islands. The resonance energy of the ancient healing gods and civilizations holds a place for an experience of enlightenment which allows each participant’s vision to come into the clarity of light. The light in Tinos Greece is said to be the  brightest in the world- an age old  symbol of clarity. Tinos is a place of strong elements- sea, light, ancient myths, sun, wind. It holds the ancient wisdom traditions and mystery schools of Greece. It will be the base for Wisdom University in Europe and a base for trips to the ancient mystery schools on the mainland.