Pilgrimage to Tinos, Greece with Michael Samuels, M.D., and Mary Rockwood Lane, R.N., PhD.

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May 25 – May 31, 2008 Tinos, a beautiful Greek Island in the Cyclades is the sacred island of modern Greece. Tinos has been an island of spiritual healing since ancient times. It was the island of Amphrite and Poseidon, the purification center for Delos, ( the birthplace of Artimis and Apollo), and is the Lourdes of Modern Greece. It has been a world pilgrimage center of sacred healing feminine energy for thousands of years. Michael Samuels, M.D and Mary Rockwood Lane, R.N, PhD, are leaders in the field of art and healing, authors of many books and journal articles and Co-Directors of the program in art and healing. They are co-directors of the Tinos Wisdom School of Art and Healing. Join Michael Samuels and Mary Rockwood Lane for a Wisdom University Pilgrimage on the mysteries of the Greek divine feminine in Tinos, Greece. The pilgrimage to Tinos Greece: The Greek Wisdom School of Art and healing This intensive explores the Greek roots of art and healing and the artist healer as the re-emergence of the divine feminine on earth today. It emerges the participant in the ancient mystery of life in the creative process. It involves a pilgrimage to the sacred site Tinos, Greece. Tinos is between Andros and Myconos in the Cyclades Islands, it is 2 hours by fast ferry from Athens. Tinos is a beautiful island of small villages, pigeon houses, beaches, mountains. It is popular with Greeks and rarely visited by foreigners. Tinos still has the village life of the Greek farmer with donkeys, white houses, paths and tiny churches. It is also the home of marble carving since before the Acropolis.

This intensive will explore art and healing by immersing the participant in the Greek Wisdom school tradition of creativity and spirituality, and lived experience of spiritual healing. Combining seminars on Greek mystery schools, ancient divine feminine Greek healing, and creativity and spirituality with field trips to healing sites on Tinos and neighboring Delos, this intensive will create a mystery school experience of spiritual healing that is designed to be life changing and transformative. The intensive will be held in the Wisdom University Tinos Conference Center. The conference and is located in the village of Loutra, a small village with 7 year round inhabitants, in an old Ursuline girls School.  Loutra is a beautiful mountain village, ancient and white, 10 minutes from the sea. Mornings will be seminars and art making activities to prepare for the afternoon rituals. The rituals are guided visits to sacred sites whose goal is a  personal transformational experience.

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Mary Rockwood Lane, PhD.

Mary Rockwood Lane is the co-founder and director emeritus of  Shands Arts in Medicine program at University of Florida, Gainesville. She founded and created the first artist in residence program of this type in the country.  She led and developed that program for over ten years. She is now an Associate Professor of Nursing at College of Nursing, University of Florida, where she teaches Creativity and Spirituality in Healthcare. She is core faculty with in the Center of Spirituality and Healthcare. She has written many articles on art and healing in peer reviewed journals and is a recognized leader in the field.  She lectures and teaches workshops on art and healing and spirituality in healthcare. She has been very involved in setting up art and healing programs in Florida and around the country.  Her research was a phenomenological hermeneutic study researching the lived experience of art and healing. She is currently developing an end of life program at University of Florida  that integrates spirituality and creativity as well as the arts.  She is co-author of Creative Healing, Spirit Body Healing, and The Path of the Feather, Shaman Wisdom- Shaman Healing, and Path to Peace.  Shaman Wisdom- Shaman Healing was nominated as one of the finalists in the health/healing category in the prestigious Nautilus Awards.  Currently, she is working on a book on Woman’s Heath and a film script on the divine feminine, .. She does divine feminine pilgrimages to Delphi, Delos and Tinos Greece each year and does workshops on the divine feminine in healthcare in her classes at University of Florida College of Nursing.  Mary is excited about expanding her work in spirituality and healthcare to co-direct the art and healing series at Wisdom University.
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Michael Samuels, M.D .is the founder and director of Art As a Healing Force, a project started in 1990 devoted to healing yourself, others, the community and the earth with creativity and making art and healing one. He teaches Art and Healing at San Francisco State University, Institute of holistic Studies. He is a bear dancer with the Chumash People three times a year,  to heal people and the earth. He has used creativity, art, and guided imagery with patients with life threatening illness and life crises for over thirty years in private practice and in consultation.  He lectures and does workshops nationwide for physicians, nurses, artists, and patients on how to use creativity and spirituality in healing.  He has organized many nationwide conferences on creativity and healing and visited and participated in projects in hospitals where creativity, art and music are used with patients.  He has networked people in the field together and is a recognized leader in art and healing.  He is currently working on a book on Woman’ Health, and a film script on the divine feminine, ..  He is a sculptor and marble carver.  He is the author of twenty one books including the best selling Well Body Book, Well Baby Book, Well Pregnancy Book, and the guided imagery classic  Seeing With the Mind’s Eye. He is co-author with Mary Rockwood Lane of Creative Healing, Spirit Body Healing, The Path of the Feather, Shaman Wisdom- Shaman Healing, and The Path to Peace. Michael  is delighted to be co-directing the art and healing series at Wisdom University with Mary Rockwood Lane.
Details of the Sacred site ceremonies:
Day 1. The mystery school initiation. Pilgrimage to Eleusis. Eleusis, 45 minutes from Athens, was the site of the ancient Greek mystery school for 2000 years. Now an archeological site, we will do ceremony to enter the darkness, face death, and be reborn into the light. We will visit the fountain of Demeter, the cave of the underworld where Persephone was kidnapped by Hades, and the most sacred site of the ancient mystery school play of transformation and life change. Project- go into the darkness, face death, emerge into the light, in a play and dance.
http://www.culture.gr/2/21/211/21103a/e211ca04.html   Day 2. The return of serpent energy. Visit to Vijali’s serpent carving at Livada beach Tinos. Vijali was an stone carver who circled the earth making sacred art for world peace. She carved  a serpent into a rock on Tinos. We will  visit the secluded rocky beach, Livada, where Vijali carved the serpent and painted rock caves. Vijali  asked the villagers 3 questions: What is your essence, What is your obstacle, What can you do to find your essence with art?  The women in the small Greek village told her, “return serpent energy that was taken from the island”. She did a performance piece with an actress who danced the serpent energy on the rock. Project - ask students Vijali’s 3 questions. The students carve and make art  and Then dance the serpent on Vijali’s rock by the sea in Greece. http://www.vijali.net
Day 3. The vision of the  Blessed Mother and the healing spring. This Pilgrimage includes the visit to Greece’s most famous church on  Tinos Island. In 1830, A nun saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in her cell in the monastery. The Virgin showed her a spring whose waters later healed a man.  A church was built on the site which  became  the Lourdes of Greece. It is now, a Blessed Mother site that thousands of pilgrims come to each year; many crawl up to the church on their hands and knees to pray for healing from the Virgin. We lead a modern fire air earth water ritual in the church to pray for healing. Project- immersion in spirituality for healing
Day 4. C. “Bringing in the light” This field trip involves a visit to Delos , the birthplace Apollo and Artimis. Delos is an island directly across from Tinos, it is ½ hour away by ferry. Delos was the most sacred site in the world, the center of the world spiritually and financially in ancient times. We lead  a ritual in the cave of Artimis called “ Bringing in the light”. The participants climb to an ancient rock cave on a sacred mountain and make an offering in a feminine rebirth ceremony. They then go to the temple in Isis and the lake where Apollo and Artimis were born. Project- offering in sacred cave of Synthos, Delos for expanding your  inner light
Day 5. The ancient woman’s ceremonial cave purification. This is a visit to an ancient woman’s ceremonial cave, where we go into the darkness of this ancient woman’s cave with ruins.  It is followed by a purification bath with sea salt  and local olive oil in rock pools by the sea made of marble and crystals. This field trip involves moving into the darkness and mystery and an ancient sacred purification ritual of the divine feminine. Project, purification to continue you sacred healing art and healing process.
Faculty: Michael Samuels  (Co-Director, Program in Art and healing )
http://www.michaelsamuels.com and Mary Rockwood Lane (Co-Director, Program in Art and Healing.), http://www.maryrockwoodlane.com Michael Samuels, M.D.
Itinerary Sunday 25th May Arrival in Athens, Greece, to Hotel . You will be met at the airport Dinner together and preparation for the pilgrimage to the ancient mystery site of Eleusis. Monday 26th May 9:00 am – 3:00 pm  Pilgrimage to the ancient site of the Greek mystery school, Eleusis This is a ceremonial procession, and ritual at the site based on the mystery school yearly pilgrimage done for 2000 years in ancient Greece. 4:00 pm Afternoon ferry to Tinos and transfer to accommodations at the conference center in  Loutra village. Dinner at 8:00 pm, Introduction to Tinos. Tuesday 27th May 9:00 am Seminar with Michael Samuels, Mary Rockwood Lane, and art making activities, Meeting at Conference Centre. Preparation for afternoon ritual performance. 2:00pm visit to Vigil’s serpent carving at Livada beach, ritual to bring the serpent energy back to earth. Wednesday 28th May 9:30 Seminar with Michael Samuels and Mary Rockwood Lane and art making activities Preparation for the Church pilgrimage of spiritual healing Afternoon: The ceremony of healing at the church, candles, sacred water and earth, prayers for healing. Dinner Meetings with Greek religious leaders. Thursday 29th May
Morning: All day pilgrimage to Delos, Private boat trip to the island,  Private tour of Delos with archeologists Afternoon, ceremony of the sacred cave, the birthplace of Artimis and Apollo,. Visit to temple of Isis and climb sacred mountain. Offerings and prayers for healing in the ancient way. Friday 30th May Morning: Seminar with Michael Samuels and Mary Rockwood Lane and art making activities.  Preparation for afternoon ceremony at the cave and baths. Afternoon, hike to sacred cave and baths. A woman’s ritual with olive oil and salt to heal. Dinner at conference center and final ceremony Saturday 31st May Departure Required Reading: Michael Samuels Spirit Body Healing, Wiley, Eleusis, Delos Peruse the following websites on Art and Healing, Eleusis,  Tinos, and Delos.
www.artashealing.org The Ecole Initiative: The Eleusinian Mysteries THE MYSTERIES OF ELEUSIS: Contents and Introduction by Sanderson Beck Eleusis - Pathways to Ancient Myth Eleusinian Mysteries - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Eleusis.htm Tinos Island, Greece IOANNIS VIDALIS - PICTURES OF TINOS - CYCLADES - GREECE Tinos Travel information, Tinos Hotels, Tinos tours, accommodation, holidays in Tinos, vacation packages, honeymoon, car rental, weddings Tinos Travel Guide IGoGreece online travel and culture magazine - GREECE > CYCLADES ISLANDS > Tinos Island Delos Delos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Delos: The Sacred Island of Apollo Delos Archaeological Site - Mykonos, Greece
Pre-Paper This paper should address your own theory of what the Eleusis mystery school ceremony involved, briefly describe what you see in your heart. Also describe what  the birth of Artimis and Apollo on Delos means as a personal story for you. Please include the divine feminine as a theme of both Eleusis and Delos. This is a research paper mixed with a vision. Post Paper (12-15 pages in length) This paper should address the way the experience at Tinos has contributed to your healing and transformation Discuss your expectations before coming, the impact of experiencing the Greek mystery school, Delos, and Tinos.  What has been healed, what did you see and experience in each ceremony